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Sports Therapist Dan Elsigood

Dan combines his time at the clinic with his other job at Newbury Rugby Club so no matter how bad your injury, Dan has probably seen worse! Dan’s passion for injuries came from an early age when he had issues with a recurrently dislocating shoulder. He’s now been operated on and is fully fit again thanks to successfully rehabilitating his own shoulder. So if you have a shoulder problem – Dan is your man.

This experience clearly inspired him to great things as he managed to get a 1st in Sports Therapy from Chichester University. When it comes to sports Dan is a jack of all trades and master of none. Throwing his hand periodically into cricket, running and gym training. He claims to enjoy football too but as a Newcastle fan this is dubious!

Dan also has great experience in helping less sporting folk recover from day to day aches pains and injuries. He enjoys nothing more than seeing any satisfied customer walk pain free out of the door. Dan is registered and insured with the Society Of Sports Therapists.

Dan’s Qualifications And Registrations

  • 1st Class Honour Degree in Sports Therapy from Chichester University

  • Current Touchline Medic / Sports Therapist – Newbury RFC

  • Advanced Myofascial / Kinesio Taping

  • Advanced Trigger Point Release – Ed Wilson

  • Douglas Heel – Be Activated

  • Insured With The Society Of Sports Therapists

Stuart Hillis @ Swindon Sports Therapy


Sports Therapists Stuart Hillis Profile picture

Stuart Hillis graduated from Northampton University with a 2:1 classification in Sports Therapy. Stuart splits his time between work at the clinic and pitch side work at Wantage Football Club. He came highly recommended from Wantage having spent the last 2 years helping to keep enough players fit for them to gain promotion into Division One of The Southern League.

As if that wasn’t enough Stuart has also spent time with Swindon Storm American Football team helping players recover from a whole manner of injuries. If you can rehab American Footballers to play again in one of the most physically demanding sports there is, you can rehab pretty much any injury for any occasion!

Along side his work with amateur and professional sports; Stuart loves helping those who have picked up knocks and niggles from everyday life and getting them back to living their lives pain free! Stuart is registered and insured as a Sports Therapist with the Federation Of Holistic Therapists.

Stuart’s Qualifications And Registrations

  • University of Northampton Degree in Sports Therapy 2:1 Classification

  • Spinal and Peripheral Joint Mobilisation

  • Level 3 Fitness Instructor

  • Douglas Heel – Be Activated

  • Advance Sports Massage

  • Insured As Sports Therapist With The Federation Of Holistic Therapists



  1. Good morning. My name is James Lewis and I’m enquiring on behalf of my partner to see if your physio Dan Elsigood is available for any appointments to see to a shoulder problem my partner has and to see if he can help in any way? If someone could get back to us regarding this then we’d be most appreciative.
    Kind regards,
    James Lewis

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