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Need Help Getting Fit For Triathlon?

What Would You Give To Do Triathlons Pain Free?

Triathlon is a tough sport period. As such it’s participants are prone to many overuse injuries, not to mention the odd tweak from ‘incidents’ on the bike. What if we told you that over use conditions don’t exist? Controversial maybe but that’s our experience of treating triathletes.

A better way of looking at overuse conditions would be to say “you have a condition that is caused by the overuse of certain muscles that is a reflection of your current bio-mechanics.” Or more simply you’re body can’t currently deal with amount of work your putting it through. Now you might think it would take weeks maybe months of training to change this and how you work. But sometimes it takes a matter of minutes!

As part of our Progressive Sport Therapy treatment this it what we regularly see. It is possible, with the right knowledge and techniques, to change movement patterns that have been there for years in a matter of moments. What does that mean in real terms? Less pain training and competing. In fact usually none, well, other than what is perfectly normal in such a grueling event.

“These guys know their onions! After several Ironmans and too many marathons I was looking for someone to activate underused muscle groups and to help me feel less creaky overall. After sessions with BST I felt great and left with a whole new understanding of the human body. They shared a lot of new and interesting insights and gave me a series of treatment that really worked. Recommended.” SC – Ironman

The best thing about the way we work is that you can carry on training. We may have to modify things a bit depending on the state of you, but our goal is always to keep you working as closely as possible to your planned training schedule.

“As an ultra-runner I approached Swindon Sports Therapy with much trepidation, expecting the usual advice to stop running silly distances and I wouldn’t be complaining of injuries. Instead, I was met with complete acceptance of ‘what I do’ combined with consistent ‘work’ on the source of my injuries/complaints. I couldn’t recommend Swindon Sports Therapy highly enough. It has been a joy to finally run pain-free again.” – AH – Ultra-Runner

If you’d like help with your training to make sure you can compete at the level that you want or just to get round in one piece then please give us call. We’d love to help you like we have so many other triathletes. You can get us on 01793 613352 or mail us at:

If you’re luck enough to training pain free at the moment here’s our guide on how to stay that way. What Swindon Triathletes Need To Know To Avoid Injury.

If you’d like more information on triathlon then the British Triathlon Federation is a good place to start looking. If you’d like more information on Triathlon in Swindon then you need look no further than our friends at Swindon Tri Club.

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