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Swindon sports therapy have helped give me my life back. Before going I was crippled by back pain, and after years of trying to fix it myself by trying various stretches and exercises I'd seen online, I finally went to the professionals and was not only given amazing treatment. I was also given the correct stretches and exercises to help relieve and solve my back pain.
Response from the owner: Hi Chris, thanks for leaving this great review. It's been a real pleasure seeing the impact the treatment has had.
I have been seeing Stuart for about a year and found him to be very professional and an extremely pleasant young man. His sessions helped me before a total hip replacement and are now helping me to recover. I am positive that without his help my recovery would be a lot slower and would throughly recommend Swindon Sports Therapy for anyone looking for help.
Response from the owner: Hi Carol, It's been a pleasure to help. Thank you for taking the time to leave a great review.
Stuart is fantastic, I suffer a lot from a chronic pain condition and treatment from Stuart helps keep me moving. Have referred family members as I was impressed. He’s very friendly & chatty, and will explain everything. He’s also provided some light exercise suggestions which I find very useful. 10/10 would recommend.
Response from the owner: Hi Suzi, thanks for the kind words and the referrals. Really appreciate it.
Easy to book. Relaxed friendly environment. Stu has been fantastic. Definitely would recommend
Response from the owner: Hi Jen, thanks for the kind words. Greatly appreciated.
I have seen Stuart at Swindon Sports therapy a number of times over the past couple of years for various things. He has always been very knowledgeable and helpful at resolving all my aches and pains including providing home exercises in between sessions. I would definitely recommend them.
Response from the owner: Hi Jac, it's been a pleasure to help. Really appreciate you taking the time to leave this review.
Highly recommended, friendly staff - the therapy is working on the muscle damage on my leg
Response from the owner: Hi Shaun, thanks for leaving a great review. Glad we've been able to help.
I have been going to Swindon Sports Therapy for approx 3 years before my Hip operation and post and can highly recommend there services as being first class.
Response from the owner: Thanks Nigel, really appreciate the kind words.
Stu is a pleasure to deal with and is my go to expert for all aches, pains and performance issues. When I have a goal in mind - to run a race, or climb a mountain he is a key part of my long term preparation
Response from the owner: Hi Paul, thanks for taking the time to leave a great review.
Stuart is a great physio.He has been helping me get back too full function.
Response from the owner: Thanks David, always a pleasure to help
Cannot recommend Dan & the team at Swindon Sports Therapy enough. I visited them after long term shoulder / back pain took its toll and made me give in to help, to cut a story short, a few sessions down the line now and that pain is pretty much non existent due to their expertise and professionalism. I have also gained knowledge from them on how to really target this area myself through a variation of exercises and stretches. Many thanks for your help.
Response from the owner: Hi Kieren, thanks for taking the time to write this review. It's been a pleasure helping you along your recovery.
I have completed my physio sessions with Dan following the recent dislocation of my shoulder and previous trauma to the same area. I am now pain free, have improved arm/shoulder mobility and my muscles around that area are stronger and are working more effectively. It was helpful to receive a video of the exercises I had to complete at home, so that I could ensure I was doing them correctly. Dan is an excellent practitioner, very professional and friendly. I would not hesitate to return to him if I need physio in the future. Thank you Dan.
Response from the owner: Hi Janice, thanks for taking the time to write such great feedback. It was great to work with you during your recovery. Wish you all the best.
I went to visit Dan at Swindon sports therapy after experiencing a prolonged period of shoulder instability and discomfort in the gym.This was my first time visiting a sports physiotherapist, and decided on his clinic because of the fantastic reviews. I was not disappointed.Dan is incredibly professional and efficient in his work. After my first session, he had diagnosed where the instability was and what was likely causing it. He also worked into the tighter parts of the tissue in the surrounding muscles.I was provided with some at home stretches and exercises that were easy to follow. He first showed me them in person and had me try them out, to ensure I was feeling the stretch in the desired place. He then offered to send me additional videos of each exercise if I required them.After a short couple of weeks of consistently performing the stretches provided, I was already noticing a great improvement in stability, and a huge reduction in discomfort.I had a few more sessions with Dan in the following months where he continued to work into the tissue and provided me with some additional variations of the stretches, to implement some progressive overload and further strengthen the shoulder.Dan is incredibly honest and honourable. Even after my third session he suggested that he was very happy with the direction of my progress and he didn’t think it’d be necessary to continue with reoccurring appointments. I decided I’d like one more as I finial check up about 6 weeks after my third and at the end of this session he set me on my way. I feel like it’s commonly known for places to like to hook you into routine checkups for good business, but Dan is all about his patients.I’m incredibly grateful for the sessions I had with Dan. I am back being able to do what used to be my favourite exercises with little to no discomfort and it’s really brought back my passion for the gym.If I ever have any other issues, I will always return to Dan.
Response from the owner: Hi James, really appreciate you taking the time to write this. It was a pleasure working with you and credit goes to you for putting in the work. All the best.
Dan treated me for a torn bicep tendon, he was clearly very knowledgeable, and he really tailored the treatment to my specific situation.He really went the extra mile, offering me more exercises via email between our sessions and generally checking how I was progressing.If I injure myself at work again, I’ll go straight back to Dan.
Response from the owner: Hi Jason, thanks for leaving a great review. It was a pleasure to help with your recovery.
Saw Stuart as a result of falling on my knee playing Tennis. Hurt when I ran. After first treatment, now running pain free. Also gave me some exercises for Sciatica which we were useful and simple to understand. Stuart came across as both friendly and knowledgeable.
Response from the owner: Hi John, thanks for taking the time to leave this review. We're really happy to hear we were able to help get rid of the pain.
I've been treated by Dan for over two years now. I train for triathlon and initially visited him with a lower leg running injury which he helped sort as well as helping me outin place some preventative measures to stop it coming back. Since then he has treated more for a range of different niggles that have some up during the course of my training to help keep me going. It's an all round great friendly service, I would highly recommend.
Response from the owner: Hi George, thanks for leaving some great feedback. Here's to another year of injury free training!

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