Something’s holding you back

Let’s get to the root of it and fix it for good

Your 9 Steps to Pain-Free

Our 9-step approach to healing your pain is the culmination of a body of work by like-minded progressive Physiotherapists and Sports Therapists. With the sole purpose, empowering our clients to get better. Our sports therapists use this holistic, whole-body approach that deeply explores the functional interactions of your body to understand exactly why it is doing that thing that is holding you back.

It goes beyond the traditional sports therapy and physiotherapy framework to incorporate pioneering techniques including: Myofascial Release, Sports Massage, Muscle Activation, Joint Mobilisation, Postural Assessment and Movement Analysis. We’ll even consider how relevant stress levels are to your pain and find ways to reduce that too. We’ll work with you to develop a clear treatment plan to get you pain-free, and keep you that way. Because, without the right plan, you’ll soon be right back where you started; time and money wasted.

Ultimately, it’s about you feeling the benefit of our dedication to finding and developing the skills that serve our clients the best.

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Are you ready to start your 9 Steps to Pain-Free?

What our clients say about how the 9 Steps helped them: