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Muscle activation is an amazing new treatment which gets to the route cause of all of your pain problems. Leaving you to enjoy a pain free more enjoyable stress free and injury free life. Pioneered by world renowned Physiotherapist Doug Heel the techniques aim to restore your body to it’s functional best.

The approach drawers on his extensive knowledge of Physiotherapy and advanced anatomy. It uses that traditional Physiotherapy framework and incorporates alternative techniques from Kinesiology, Rolfing and an alternative modern and more wide ranging approach to bio-mechanics called Anatomy Trains

Our Progressive Sports Therapy treatment then combines this unique approach with more traditional Sports Therapy, Sports Massage and Joint Mobilisation techniques to give you a uniquely effective treatment to get a long lasting solution to your injury.

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    Louise - Muscle Activation
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    Carol - Migraines

Disclaimer: The testimonials on this page are the opinion of a few of our clients. Results to treatment cannot be guaranteed. We can guarantee we’ll be doing everything we can get you back to your best ASAP.

muscle activation swindon

“Pushing 60 and having swam, run and gone to gym for the last 40 years, there’s not much left that I haven’t torn, pulled or ruptured. These chaps always manage to patch me up and put me back together to do it all over again! They are professional, thorough and extremely knowledge in their field. I have the confidence that whatever they identify, their ability to target and heal the injury is second to none. A big thanks to Jamie and Dan. They come highlighly recommended.” – GN

The best way to understand Muscle Activation is to take a look at the effect. This recent article in Runner’s World explains how If you’ve got a long standing injury that isn’t going away. You’ve tried all kinds of therapies and you’re worried the pain will just never go away then Muscle Activation is for you.

“I had been suffering from chronic shoulder pain for over a year, and having seen various other practitioners over the course of that time (an NHS physiotherapist, a couple of massage therapists, two osteopaths, an acupuncturist!) SST was my last hope! My injury had gone from being bearable to now being something which affected my life on a daily basis. However, after one session with Swindon Sports Therapy, there was a noticeable difference in the level of pain. Now, 5 weeks on I am virtually pain free all of the time. I feel like a different person, free of pain, motivated, and back doing things I love. I can not recommend Swindon Sports Therapy enough!” – JM

If you have a long standing problem Muscle Activation will work for you. We identify the muscles that are maintaining the movement pattern that has been causing you pain for all this time. We then treat the area to change you movement pattern to what it was prior to the injury and all of sudden thing start feeling better. More fluid movement, less pain and a smile on your face. Giving you new found confidence in your body.

Equally if you have a new injury we can optimise your recovery by providing the ideal conditions for the injury to heal. By optimising the way the body works we dramatically reduce your rehabilitation time. After a series of Muscle Activations the muscles start to achieve their optimal length, the joints sit in the right position, and your pain starts to disappear. It really can be that simple.

Here’s a clip of the Physiotherapist Doug Heel who developed the approach demonstrating who the techniques we use here are so effective. Previously these techniques have only been available to elite sports people but we are proud to be able to now offer this to the people of Swindon to help you recover quicker and better from whatever ails you.

So why wait to see if it will get better on it’s own when something can be done about it today. Activation treatments work for 90% of conditions if you’d like to find out if your condition is one of them please give us a call now on 01793 613352 or alternatively drop us a mail at info@SwindonSportsTherapy.co.uk to find out how Muscle Activation can change your life.

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