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Would You Like To Hike Pain Free?

Pain Stopping Your Hiking Enjoyment?

We all love a good hike. Taking in the fresh air and surrounding ourselves with nature. But sometimes the mood is spoiled by pain. Maybe you experience knee pain when going downhill or tight calves going uphill. Sometimes you may not be able to go out at all for fear of making an injury worse. Fear not, help is at hand. With the right knowledge and experience all kinds of conditions that may have been preventing you from enjoying your hike can be quickly eased. Our Progressive Sports Therapy treatments can make you feel less pain in a matter of minutes. We can put your mind at ease and show you how you can once again hike pain free.


“I began to have problems with my right knee, and on some occasions was unable to put weight on it when going up steps or uphill. My treatment began working on releasing muscles in many parts of my body that had the effect of strengthening the muscles around my knee. I have since completed a 100k non stop walk, plus have trekked round Iceland with no further problems to my knee. I assure you that you WILL leave after the 1st hour already aware of improvement. I would highly recommend this practice.” – DP – Charity Walker

So many people stop doing the things they love and keeps them sane when a simple course of treatment can have them romping with confidence like never before. Conditions previously diagnosed with little hope for improvement can be improved and cured. Even arthritic type conditions can be changed.

“Swindon Sports Therapy have done a brilliant job of sorting out my knee problem and freeing up my shoulder. In both cases what I thought was the problem was completely wrong. There was nothing actually wrong with my knee – I thought I was going to have to have another knee op. But I don’t and won’t have to. Phew what a relief. I suspect I never needed the first knee op at all! What may appear a little unorthodox at first, isn’t, it makes a lot of sense and it works.” – JB – Bird Watcher

We’d love to help you enjoy your hiking like we have so many others in the past. Why miss out on enjoying being out in the fresh air pain free. If you’d like to find out how we can help please call us on 01793 613352 or drop us a mail.

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