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Progressive Sports Therapy is a simple way to include all of our treatment techniques and methods under one name. Muscle Activation developed by South African Physiotherapy guru Douglas Heel forms the basis of our treatment. Muscle Activation is a new approach drawing on many treatment influences that is changing the way Sports Therapists, Physiotherapists, Osteopaths and other body workers think and treat their clients. Happily for you this simply means you get a better result than simply using conventional Sports Therapy, Physiotherapy or Osteopathy in isolation.

We start with the premise that the whole of your body is connected: so an injury or tension in one area will have repercussions on another. When we interrupt these movement patterns with our treatment the muscles rediscover their optimal length. This means you feel less pain, you feel your muscles become instantly stronger and feel the pressure being taken off all you joints.

If the joints still aren’t moving we can compliment this with our Joint Mobilisation as taught by another Physiotherapy guru, and head of The Society Of Sports Therapists, Professor Graham Smith. This not only gets the joints moving but also helps relax the muscles around the joint. Then finally if the muscles are still not happy and still contributing to your symptoms we can release them off with some good old fashioned Sports Massage.

“On my first visit I was given a comprehensive evaluation of the fundamental causes of my pain. Keeping in mind I could barely walk without limping and not stand for any period of time, it only took one session to notice a huge difference. Highly recommended” – RH

Muscle Activation works on the specific connections and relationships between muscles, tendons, joints, nerves and connective tissue throughout the body. By focusing not just on the symptom but also the cause of the pain our therapists can reactivate the compromised muscles and restore the body to its natural alignment. Reducing your pain immediately and leaving you feeling healthy and energized often in only a few minutes.

“Being treated by Swindon Sports Therapy has been a major contributor in changing the way I think about staying healthy. A long-term holistic approach combined with some amazing “instant fixes” that give relief from chronic niggles. Go in with an open mind, it’s a little different from other treatments you may be used to, but you’ll likely walk out feeling in much better shape to tackle what lies ahead.” DB

If you would like to understand more about how our Progressive Approach can help you as it has the people above then please give a call now on 01793 613352. We’ll be happy to talk to you. Or if you’d prefer drop us a mail

Here’s a couple of links talking about the positive affects of just part of our array of techniques that help get you fit and stay fit:

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