Sports Massage Swindon
Movement And Strength Restored

Swindon Physiotherapy five stars reviews

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Sports Massage Swindon
Movement And Strength Restored

Swindon Physiotherapy five stars reviews

“Excellent sports massage. I was having ankle pains for several months. The problems with my ankle and associated area were quickly identified. The sports massage and exercises given quickly helped my injury. I would highly recommended SST.”

So, you’re looking for a sports massage. And this is the bit where we tell you that we offer the very best sports massage service in Swindon. Right? Well, yes. Kind of. But there’s more to it than that. Let’s go just a little bit deeper…

Whilst sports massage is very much at the heart of what we do, our progressive blend of sports therapy takes a unique approach to you and your injury. Taking a holistic, whole-body perspective, we explore the functional interactions of your body to understand exactly why it is doing that thing that has brought you here. Our goal is to get to the root of it and fix it for good.

After 17 years of empowering our clients to get better, we have created a series of steps, which, if we get them right, will restore your performance and freedom of movement so you can fully throw yourself back into whatever it is you love to do again.

You’ll find more info on our 9 Steps to Pain-Free here…

Sports Massage Swindon
Swindon Sports Therapists performing physiotherapy techniques

Better still, just get in touch for a chat with one of our sports massage therapists or make an appointment.

Swindon Sports Therapists performing physiotherapy techniques
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Swindon Sports Therapy
Average rating:  
 5 reviews
 by JM

SST looked further than the symptom and used their abundant knowledge and wealth of experience to identify the true source of the issue. Their excellent communication and explanation meant I fully understood where the heart of the problem lay, and once resolved by SST I was able to ensure it was far less likely to occur. I was able to recover far sooner than I had done in the past, and SST genuinely cared about my recovery. Following treatment SST researched and recommended specific exercises that would help me remain pain free in future. Thank you so much!

 by Mark Barrett

I have been attending Swindon Sports Therapy for some 10 years now receiving treatment for various strains, aches and pains, first with Jamie and now with Dan. I have always received first class treatment and what impresses me is that the nature of the treatment is always explained. I have a back problem, which is kept at bay with the treatment I receive. I have always found both Jamie and Dan professional, polite and engaging as therapists. My wife and one of my daughters have attended at times and been more than happy with their treatment. I wholeheartedly recommend Swindon Sports Therapy.

 by Gem

I have been receiving treatment from Dan at Swindon Sports Therapy for nearly 2 years to compliment my strength and conditioning training (especially as I am approaching 40!). I cannot fault the care and attention that goes into every session, and I have felt generally much healthier and fitter as a result. Thank you!

 by Liam Jefferies

Swindon Sports Therapy has helped me with some long term sporting injuries that I have had. The fantastic sessions have given me instant long term pain relief from these as well as ongoing support to keep me feeling at my best. Dan is straight to the point and quick to identify your pain with no messing and is quick to fix any issues you may have. Cannot recommend Swindon Sports Therapy enough!

 by Abi

I cannot recommend Dan from Swindon Sports Therapy highly enough. I have been to Swindon sports therapy for a few different injuries over a few years, and every single time, they have got to the bottom of it, and just overall been absolutely brilliant. I have plantar fasciitis, and also had inflammation of the peroneal tendon, which he managed to sort out completely within 4 weeks! It did flare up again months down the line due to my job (walking 10 miles a day) and again Dan managed to get it sorted so that I could return to work! Swindon sports therapy has helped me to get it to a manageable level, through the sessions, and also different exercises/ stretching for me to do at home. I was very concerned that I would no longer be able to continue doing my job because of the pain that walking was causing, but over a year later, I'm still walking and only occasionally have some discomfort from my feet! The difference is nothing short of incredible and I am incredibly grateful to Dan for all the hard work that went into sorting my feet out. I initially went there for runners knee, which was very painful, and even after the first session, there was a significant decrease in my pain level. Dan explained exactly what was causing it, and gave me different stretches to do and recommended a foam roller. Within 5 sessions my knee felt fantastic!
If you're not sure whether to go to Swindon sports therapy, just get booked in! The level of care, understanding, professionalism and treatment is absolutely outstanding. They have always educated me on how to help manage it all at home so that I don't have to keep coming back for the same issue, and Swindon sports therapy are the only people I would trust to help my injuries/ailments. It is something you can't put a price on, but their prices are phenomenal considering they get most problems sorted within 5-7 sessions! When any family/ friends are suffering from any sort of pain, I always recommend that they go to Swindon Sports Therapy to get it sorted. Thank you so much!


  1. Hi,

    I currently use a sports therapist but I’m moving to old town and this clinic is very close to me so just wondering what prices you charge for an hour sports massage?

    • Hi Callum, thanks for your enquiry. We are currently running slightly shorter appointments, 50 minutes due to our covid procedures. The cost of this is £50. If you wanted to book in you can send us a direct email to

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