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At Swindon Sports Therapy we’ve seen all kinds of injuries from a wide variety of sports. Combine that with our therapists experience of working with various sports teams, then they are uniquely skilled to help you.

The best time to start your rehab is immediately after your injury. Having the right treatment and rehabilitation program in place will enable you to return quicker and less likely to have a reoccurrence of the injury.

We want to help you come back quicker and stronger than before your injury.

Pushing 60 and having swam, run and gone to gym for the last 40 years, there’s not much left that I haven’t torn, pulled or ruptured. These chaps always manage to patch me up and put me back together to do it all over again! They are professional, thorough and extremely knowledge in their field. I have the confidence that whatever they identify, their ability to target and heal the injury is second to none. A big thanks to SST. They come highly recommended. GN

The testimonials on this page are the opinion of a few of our clients. Results to treatment cannot be guaranteed. We can guarantee we’ll be doing everything we can to get you back to your best ASAP.

Sports Injury get back quicker
Sports Injury rehab

If you’re serious about getting back to your sport as soon as possible then we are here to help you achieve your goals. Whether that’s running, cycling, swimming, football or even an injury from using the remote control too much watching sport on the TV!

We also specialise in long standing injuries that have no specific start point. The injuries that leave you wondering how they started and will they ever go. You may worry you’ll never be able to play again. Thankfully these conditions are normal to us. We can make a simple change to the way you move to immediately improve how your sports injury feels.

Swindon Sports Therapy has helped me with some long term sporting injuries that I have had. The fantastic sessions have given me instant long term pain relief from these as well as ongoing support to keep me feeling at my best. Straight to the point and quick to identify your pain with no messing and is quick to fix any issues you may have. Cannot recommend Swindon Sports Therapy enough! LJ

We’ve helped hundreds of people get back to the sport they love. Why not be one of them? Where there are links please click your sport to find out more.

If you would like to book an appointment or find out more information about how we can help you in your sport then please contact us by clicking below.

Sports Injury get back to the sport you love

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