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Neck Pain Treatment Swindon – How To Avoid It

Neck Pain Treatment Swindon – In the latest in our series we look at our 5 favourite exercises to stop neck pain before it happens. If you do have an existing neck condition these exercises may help you ease your pain but if you get pain performing them just avoid the one that hurts and give us a call and we’ll fix it for you!

Whether you have a pre-existing condition or not always perform these exercises to the point of pain. Hold each stretch for 30 seconds to a minute and if you have time push into the stretch for a further 30 seconds to a minute.

Disclaimer: The exercises below are meant for general education and demonstration purposes and may not be specific for your condition. If you feel any pain or discomfort then stop immediately and ensure you get proper medical advice. We cannot accept any liability for injury that may occur from your use of these exercises.

So we need to start by getting that posture right. Opening out those shoulders. If you’d like more information on why click the following link to our page on neck pain. This gives us our first two stretches:

Pec stretch Sports Physio Swindon
  • 1. Pec Stretch

    Find the end of a wall and stand to the side of it. From this position place the arm you want to stretch against the wall in what I like to call a “half surrender” position. By this I mean place your palm flat on the wall, upper arm should be horizontal from the shoulder and the elbow should be at ninety degrees so your forearm is facing straight up the wall. From this position slowly lunge forward to get a stretch along your chest.

    If you get pain or feel the stretch in the wrong place then you’re not quite working in the right way. Simply leave this exercise out for now.

Lat Stretch Sports Physio RSI
  • 2. Lats

    These muscles along with the pectoral muscles are the ones that contribute to the round shouldered posture that can lead injury. As shown in the picture stand next to a wall with the side you are trying to stretch next to the wall. If possible grab onto the edge of the wall with your hand just above the level of the shoulder. Stick your backside out behind you with your head down until you start to feel a stretch – somewhere around the back of your armpit or somewhere in your back. To increase the stretch rotate your torso in towards the wall.

Neck Stretch Sports Physio RSI
  • 3 & 4. Traps and Levator Scapulae – two stretches in one

    The muscles along the top of your shoulders. To stretch put the same side hand that you are trying to stretch behind your back at belt level (in the picture shown the right hand). With your free hand (left in the picture) pull your head gently to the opposite side (left) you should feel the stretch along the top of your shoulder (right). You can also pull the head slightly forward at the same time. This will stretch a slightly different muscle. Experiment with the direction of the pull and see what works best for you.

Neck Pain Swindon Cervical Stretch
  • 5. Cervical Flexion

    The simplest of the lot! Simply bend you head forwards as far as you can. You may find you get a stretch already. If not, or you’d like to increase that stretch simply pull your head gently down to the point at which you feel a stretch. If your condition is suspected to be linked to your vertebral disc then we’d suggest giving this one a miss.


And there you have it. Happy necks forever! You may notice if you’re a bit tired or works been a bit heavy for a while these stretches may be a bit tighter. This is all perfectly normal. Firstly check out our blog on how to sit properly then make sure you have some down time. You’ll probably notice the stretches are easier afterwards.

If you do have questions, concerns or pains then please do give us a call on 01793 613352 or mail – we’re here to help.

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