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Knee pain can come in all shapes and sizes. We break it down into two categories. Acute onset, after a specific injury, and insidious onset, where there is no history of injury. At best these conditions can be a nuisance, at worst they can seriously affect your quality of life and leave you feeling miserable and frustrated. Many people that suffer with knee pain believe it will be with them for the rest of their lives and just try to deal with it the best they can. Simply avoiding activities that cause the pain. This is not the right thing to do!

The vast majority of knee issues can be eased quickly and simply using our progressive approach. We’ll also look into the true underlying cause of your symptoms, helping to provide a long term solution.

Sports Therapy for knee pain
Knee Injury Swindon

“I am a full time Irish dance teacher in my 50’s and have been attending the clinic for treatment on my knees.  I have received excellent personalised care and advice from Dan, who was able to put me at my ease with his thoughtful and cheerful manner, so that I am able to continue my teaching career.  I would highly recommend this clinic for any sports or indeed other injury that requires physical therapy.” – MM

The testimonials on this page are the opinion of a few of our clients. Results to treatment cannot be guaranteed. We can guarantee we’ll be doing everything we can to get you back to your best ASAP.

One of the concerns people with knee pain in Swindon have before they come to see is will we be able to help. Over the years we have helped all kinds of people suffering from a whole array of knee problems. From the inactive to the elite athlete. All can benefit. To give you an idea of the conditions we can help you with we have prepared a list of specific knee conditions. If you don’t see your condition get in touch and we’ll let you know if we’ll be able to help you too:

  • Runners Knee / Iliotibial Band Friction Syndrome
  • Cartilage (Meniscus) Damage / Wear and Tear
  • Arthritis
  • Cruciate Ligament Damage
  • Medial and Lateral Ligament Damage
  • Patello-Femoral Pain Syndrome (pain around or underneath the knee cap)
  • Post Operative Rehabilitation
  • Pre-Operative Rehabilitation
  • Patella Tendonitis (pain at the bottom of the knee cap)
  • Fat Pad Impingement
  • Posterior Knee Pain (pain at the back of the knee)
  • Osgood-Schlatter’s Disease
  • Knee Cap (Patella) Dislocation
  • Baker’s Cyst

Please don’t suffer in silence and hope these things go away. Or let these conditions stop you from doing the things in life that you love. Get in touch and we’ll help you to get over your knee pain quickly and for good.

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