Football is the official sport of this country and most popular in terms of participation. Most of us soldier on with a niggle for many years which affects our ability to perform. Some even have to give up the game they love completely – in many cases needlessly so. Even if you have previously been told you not to play then ignore it! Our Progressive Physiotherapy can have you back on the pitch in no time. Or if you have made the decision to ‘retire’ yourself because the ongoing injury niggles were getting too much our alternative attitude and approach to injury will help get you back to your best playing the game you love. Even if you haven’t got an injury our Optimal Performance sessions can get you playing better than ever before.

“I can honestly say that’s the best money I’ve ever spent! I’d been struggling with a football injury for months and Jamie made a massive improvement in the first session. I’m now able to go into tackles 100% knowing that my ankle will be fine. I no longer need any more treatment, that’s how good things are, but if I do get another injury I know exactly who I’ll be ringing!” – AP (Semi Professional)

We’ve treated young, old, weekend has been to professional players. All with amazing result. If you want to get the most out of your footballing performance then give us a call on on 01793 613352 and we’ll get you booked in as soon as possible. Alternatively mail us at

If you’re lucky enough not to be injured at the moment then try our FREE guide to football injury treatment.

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