Swindon Sports Therapy have been instrumental in my back recovery. I cannot recommend them enough. With a blown disc and hyper mobility, I have gone from being in constant pain, unable to do my training and wanting to actually have surgery to now being practically pain free and able to do all of my training and more!

I have been to many Physios but none of them were able to help. Swindon Sports Therapy were able to help me using their considered style of Physio and treatment, with concise exercises and stretching. They have also helped me with understanding pain, how to manage it and how not to be afraid of it, thereby giving me the confidence to do what I wanted to do.
I feel amazing. I am back on my bike, running, swimming and now training on Olympic Rings! My ability to do this is down to Swindon Sports Therapy and I am truly grateful.

Mat – Severe Back Pain

I initially visited Swindon Sports Therapy in December 2010 with a severe flare up of an historic back problem. It proved to be the first step of a major life change for me. After my first treatment my back pain was immediately reduced to a manageable level that gave me the confidence to proceed with my life and has made it possible for me to return to my favourite exercise of swimming, training competitively for the first time in 20 years!


I have been treated by Swindon Sports Therapy for a number of issues across a period of several years and can honestly say that they have addressed each one with a combination of intuition, knowledge, understanding and skill. Swindon Sports Therapy deal with the underlying causes of problems by having a truly holistic approach to treatment; they recognise the value of healing the body in its entirety rather than just focusing upon random or isolated symptoms. As a result they have not only dealt commendably with specific aches and pains but also improved my general sense of well-being.


I have previously had a series of ineffective treatment through traditional physiotherapy, operations carried out by orthopaedic surgeons, injections etc. Since going to Swindon Sports Therapy they have used a variety of techniques to help ease my back pain and coach me in ways to manage and prevent issues from reoccurring. They don’t only treat the problem but explain how each of the techniques works and also why each technique is being used.


All of those injuries that I had left to build up over the years thinking I will sort them one day and never got round to it are finally getting sorted. As a busy working mum putting myself first has never been a priority but Swindon Sports Therapy has made me realise that I need to think about myself. From ankles, calves, knee, back to shoulder I am finally ridding myself of all the pain I have just put up with for years thanks to Swindon Sports Therapy and their physiotherapy techniques.


Swindon Sports Therapy has helped me enormously with a chronic neck problem. With combined gentle exercise and massage therapy specific to my needs I am able to get on with everyday life with ease.


I became a client of Swindon Sports Therapy’s about 2 years ago to aid my recovery from a serious ankle injury sustained in 2003. Thanks to Swindon Sports Therapy I am now able to walk more often, covering greater distances with fair less pain than before. In my personal opinion Swindon Sports Therapy is a brilliant practice. They are trustworthy, reliable and very honest about what can be achieved with treatment. In short they improved my quality of life by 100%.


Swindon Sports Therapy has been supporting my son for 4 years, since he began serious competitive swimming at the age of 12; my son is now a National level swimmer. Swindon Sports Therapy treats my son on a regular basis, not only for muscle fatigue but also for the occasional injury. He has helped my son overcome injury problems whilst still continuing his training programme, by treatment and advice – on when and at what level of intensity to train at, whilst recovering from injury.


When you’ve got a torn calf muscle, it comes as no surprise that you seek out a physiotherapist and expect to make a full recovery. It’s a life changing experience when you also get long running osteo-arthritic shoulders moving painlessly after years of discomfort, and when your dodgy knees regain their robustness of the past. I’ve had so many old injuries and niggles that I had learned simply put up with them, but Swindon Sports Therapy not only successfully treated those injuries, they gave me the confidence to believe that I don’t have to expect of future of increasing immobility with age.


After a high speed road traffic accident left me with whiplash in my back and neck a recommendation led me to Swindon Sports Therapy. I was impressed by their careful evaluation that they made at each visit and the combination of techniques they used to treat me.