A few months ago as I began to have problems with my right knee, and on some occasions was unable to put weight on it when going up steps or uphill, I asked on Facebook if anyone knew of any good physiotherapists in my area, and I was recommended Jamie Webb. I went along and was assessed, with all aspects of my health taken into account, Jamie diagnosed a muscle imbalance, and immediately began working on releasing muscles in many parts of my body, but strangely (not to him) this had the effect of strengthening the muscles around my knee. I have since completed a 100k non stop walk, plus have trekked round Iceland with no further problems to my knee (or any other part of my poor body). I assure you that if Jamie is given a body suffering in any way from the traumas of sport, he will have you diagnosed, and be working on the problem within the first 30 minutes of your appointment, and you WILL leave after the 1st hour already aware of improvement.