After persistent back problems caused by a rugby injury and having seen physiotherapists with varying degrees of success I contacted Swindon Sports Therapy and arranged an appointment. Their approach and explanation of what was wrong and how it would be treated inspired confidence, and after the course of treatment, my back is at its best for years.


Swindon Sports Therapy have an holistic approach to solving the problem and look at the whole body, treating the cause rather than just the area of pain. As a result of the treatment I am now plantar fasciitis free, back running confidently and feeling better than I have done in a very long time. Swindon Sports Therapy are extremely professional and always provide an explanation of the treatment, why they are doing it and what that will involve. I felt completely at ease and I have absolutely no hesitation in highly recommending Swindon Sports Therapy.


I went to the Swindon Sport therapy clinic with lower back pain and restricted movement. They treated much more than my back symptoms, really looking at what other parts of my body were causing the problems. Through massage and simple stretching exercises my pain has now gone and areas of my body that I now realise had been giving me restricted movement for a long time have freed up again. I also feel I have the tools to keep me this way. I wouldn’t hesitate to go back.


It has been amazing seeing and feeling the difference that just a few months have made and best of all, I can run again without any discomfort! I found the sessions to be very informative in helping me to understand my injury.


I arrived at the door of Swindon Sports Therapy with a calf injury. They were excellent and immediately found the root of the problem. After a few sessions all these issues have been sorted and I can honestly say it has helped me achieve more in my fitness regime. Without hesitation I would recommend Swindon Sports Therapy for the professional, expert and friendly treatment I received.


Excellent sports therapy. I was having ankle pains for several months. The problems with my ankle and associated area were quickly identified. The sports massages and exercises given quickly helped my injury and by the fourth session my problem was almost entirely fixed. I would highly recommended Swindon Sports Therapy.


The best treatment by far! I’ve had 5 different Physiotherapists over the years and the treatment here is the best yet. Easy to work with, give great ‘at-home’ exercise to do and has sorted all my sports injuries.


From the very first session I noticed massive improvements and a reduction in the pain and discomfort I lived with daily. Having spent nearly 8 years trying different health professionals in and out of the country, this has by far been the best. I can’t thank Swindon Sports Therapy enough and would highly recommend them.


Simply put this was an amazing experience. I would go as far as describing my recovery as miraculous. After 6 years of crippling shoulder pain, 4 therapists and over a thousand pounds wasted I had pretty much given up on the thought of a healthy shoulder. I took a punt on Swindon Sports Therapy and boy did it pay off. In just a couple of sessions they were able to identify the root cause and remedy my pain. I still can’t believe I am pain free! Highly recommend they certainly know what they are doing.


Absolutely fantastic! Very knowledgeable and personable, and always looking to do the best job possible. Having had knee and back problems for years as a result of taekwondo and office life, 2 sessions helped restore control and strength to my legs where previous physiotherapy had failed.